The most innovative foregrip of our time.

The Forward Operations Grip (FOG) improves aim through ergonomics and promotes muscle memory by replicating the pistol support hand position (thumb forward). This position is now transferred to the AR rifle handguard with the FOG.

FOG eliminates the need to change support hand positions as the barrel overheats, causing the handguard to overheat while disrupting proper hand placement. This allows for more sustained rounds down range and on target, complementing performance.

“Some incredible people at Contour Tactics have developed an unbelievable system called the FOG, “FORWARD OPERATIONS GRIP.” This happens to be one of the most innovative foregrips of our time. The guys over at Contour Tactics have been warfighters for 20 years, and their experience and discipline show. These guys are committed to preserving life with the most responsive equipment possible.” – Lieutenant General. Leroy Sisco, USA (Ret.) & CEO and Founder of “Military Warriors Support Foundation  

Right Hand Shooter Left Support Grip

Forward Hand Stop Assist / Recoil Management

5-Space Picatinny Accessory (Attachment not included)

Our Story

For short, the Forward Operations Grip—F.O.G. is the passion of our founder Josh Burgess 20 years in the making. Inspired by 20 years of service to this great nation, including his two combat tours and his countless missions as a private military contractor and CEO of Divided Lines, a security detail business that has protected dignitaries, presidents, and heads of state all over the world.

F.O.G. is built for military troops, law enforcement, and gun enthusiasts everywhere. The patented grip enables the replication of the pistol support hand grip, thumb forward while transitioning to the rifle support hand for muscle memory. This provides the shooter with quicker reaction time and a better aim for follow-up shots and consistency.

What Issues does F.O.G. Solve?

F.O.G. allows for pressure plate positioning with wire retention in-line with the shooter’s support hand for less movement to control devices such as lights, lasers, and infrared light easily and effectively.

F.O.G. solves the problem of heat transmission to the aluminum rail, which prevents burn injury to the shooter’s hand.

F.O.G is mounted on a 5 space Picatinny rail bolt to bolt on support handguard

F.O.G sits off-axis parallel to the bore axis, allowing for a mirrored image of the pistol support hand grip, thumb forward, promoting muscle memory and repetition.

F.O.G provides a forward stop hand assist, allowing recoil management to displace kinetic energy in support of the buttstock allowing for more control and accurate follow-up shots.

Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

Must be 18 to purchase. Contour Tactics and F.O.G. never sell any information to third parties.  No refunds until after the product has been delivered and only in cases of defective parts will a refund be considered.  All purchases come with a lifetime guarantee.  All shipping cost for replacement grips will be paid by the customer. Do not ship anything to Contour Tactics or F.O.G. Customer service will handle shipping replacement units on a case by case basis. To request a replacement or for any other questions contact customer support at [email protected]  

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